Hotel Reservation

The list below are the 7 hotels with contracted group rates for the OCEANS'16 accommodations. The reservations for these hotels can be made through the PCO's website, Please fill the Hotel Reservation form online and submit it before 18 March 2016. The PCO will make the room reservation for you, and return you the confirmation of the reservation when the payment is proceeded.
For any questions about the hotel reservation, please send mail to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Contact persons are Ms. Peng An and Miss. Lee Meng Chun.

No 预定酒店名称/Contracted Hotel Name 价格/Price  房型/Room Type  预订网址/Order address 
1 上海国际会议中心东方滨江大酒店 / Oriental Riverside Bund View Hotel 1100 RMB 大床/双床 King Size Room/Double Room 在线预订 / Order online
2 上海浦东香格里拉大酒店 / Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai 1550 RMB 大床 King Size Room 在线预订 / Order online
3 上海浦东嘉里中心大酒店 / Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai 1450 RMB 大床 King Size Room 在线预订 / Order online
4 上海明诚大酒店 / Supreme Tower, Pudong 650 RMB 大床/双床 King Size Room/Double Room 在线预订 / Order online
5 上海东怡大酒店 / Parkview Hotel,Pudong 700 RMB 大床 King Size Room 在线预订 / Order online
6 上海蓝海博龙国际大酒店 / Blue Horizon Royal Parklane International Hotel 450 RMB 大床 King Size Room 在线预订 / Order online
7 上海中电大酒店 / Zhongdian Hotel 360 RMB 大床/双床 King Size Room/Double Room 在线预订 / Order online

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