10-13 APRIL 2016


Exhibition Logistics Management

Units A & D, 16/F, Nathan Commercial Building
430-436 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : (852) 2111 1151
Fax : (852) 2111 1150, 2111 1152
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10-13 APRIL 2016


OCEANS ’16 Shanghai has appointed Rogers Worldwide (HK) Ltd as the official freight forwarder, customs broker and on-site handling contractor. Rogers Worldwide (HK) Ltd will provide services of customs clearance, transportation, storage of empties, on-site handling and re-export arrangements etc. Exhibitors and their agents are therefore requested to consult with us over any matter concerning the forwarding of exhibits to Shanghai.

Shanghai Rogers Exhibition Services Ltd.
Room 1803, Block A, New Century Plaza,
No. 48 Xing Yi road, Shanghai 200336 China
Tel: 86-21-6270 0003
Fax: 86-21-6270 0005
Ctc: Angel Dai
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Rogers Worldwide (Hong Kong) Ltd
Units A&D, 16/F, Nathan Commercial Bldg.,
430-436 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : 852-2111 1151
Fax: 852-2111 1150 / 52
Ctc: Ronny Fan
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To ensure the smooth handling of exhibits please read our guidelines carefully, as failure to comply with the forwarding regulations is likely to cause delays and additional expenses.


All cargo must be shipped prepaid and consigned as follows:


Shanghai Rogers Exhibition Services Ltd.
Room 1803, Block A, New Century Plaza,
No. 48 Xing Yi Road, Shanghai 200336 China
Tel : 86-21-6270 0003
Fax : 86-21-6270 0005
Ctc : Angel Dai
c/o OCEANS ‘16 MTS / IEEE Shanghai
c/o Shanghai Rogers Exhibition Services Ltd.
Room 1803, Block A, New Century Plaza, No. 48 Xing Yi Road, Shanghai 200336 China
Tel : 86-21-6270 0003
Fax : 86-21-6270 0005
Ctc : Angel Dai
c/o OCEANS ‘16 MTS / IEEE Shanghai

* Please note that any shipment not consigned to the above will cause a delay in customs clearance and in turn an additional handling charge will be levied for rectification of same. (Please refer to Page 13, point C1 of our tariff section)


* Exhibits from abroad to Shanghai direct
- By Seafreight to Shanghai Port - 27-29 March 2016 (Full containers & LCL)
- By Airfreight to Shanghai Airport - 27-29 March 2016
Cargo arriving after our deadlines will incur a 20% late arrival surcharge. Cargo arriving earlier than specified will be charged storage fees, as detailed in our handling tariff.


If there is a second carrier for transhipment via Hong Kong, Japan or Korea, the memo bills of lading issued by the second carrier must also be sent to us.
For full container-load cargo, it is essential

  • to specify in the B/L service code at destination is CY/CY, and
  • that exhibitors must inform the shipping line that the container is to be onforward to exhibition site and will only be returned to container depot after exhibition opens. If exhibitors intend to keep the container at the fairground for return shipment, they have to liaise with the shipping line at the port of loading to rent the container for return shipment, and send the relevant documents to us before the exhibition opens, showing that the container is allowed to be kept at the fairground.


List of Exhibits Form - This form is approved by the Chinese Customs Authorities and as such is the only invoice format accepted for exhibition cargo. Every exhibitor must submit this form to us without exception. Please do not use your own agents or company letterhead on any packing lists as this is not acceptable.
A detailed and accurate description of exhibits, including major components and serial numbers must be declared on the list, (particularly in the case of televisions, computers and high-tech equipment). Catalogue, display materials, gifts and foodstuffs must also be specified with exact quantities and values.
Please complete this document in English and send them to Rogers Worldwide (HK) Ltd, to arrive no later than 10 days prior to the arrival of your goods in Hong Kong or China. The cost of translating invoices into Chinese will be billed to you together with the freight and handling charges.


With effect from 1 January 2006, fumigation must be arranged in the country of origin prior to shipment to China for ALL WOOD PACKING MATERIAL (WPM). This includes wooden block cases/crates, wooden pallets, wooden frames, wooden drums, chocks & stow-wood, cross-ties and so on.


To ensure the WPM is properly treated either by Heat Treatment (HT) or Methyl Bromide (MB), the following information MUST be marked or stamped on the outside packing (as per the following sample).


  1. IPPC Logo ( )
  2. ISO country code (XX)
  3. Unique number assigned to the company (which carries out the fumigation procedure) by the national plant protection organization (000)
  4. Fumigation method either HT -Heat Treatment or MB - Methyl Bromide (YY)


To support the treatment, exhibitors must also produce their own declaration on their company letterhead for customs clearance purposes. This must be attached the original master air waybill (for airfreight consignments) and enclosed along with the original bill of lading and couriered to our local office (for seafreight shipments).

The original declaration letter must be made out as follows:


Name of exhibitor

Stand Number

Name of exhibition

c/o Rogers Worldwide

Our exhibition materials for the above event, comprising  xxxxx (insert the total number of packages utilizing wooden packing) cases, have been fumigated at xxxxxxx (name of origin port) and carry the following IPPC logo and markings xxxxxxxx (state the exact Registered Fumigation Number i.e. XX-OOO YY). 

Authorised Signature

Endorsed by company chop (stamp).



For cargo with non-wood packing materials, the cargo owner must provide a non-wood packing declaration, on company letter-head, signed with authorized signature and endorsed by company chop. The original declaration letter must be attached to the original Master Airway Bill or couriered to our local office in China for Customs clearance purposes.


The following deadlines for documents and shipping preadvice must be strictly observed and Rogers Worldwide will not be responsible for any consequences or delays resulting to the late supply of same.

A) Shipping Preadvice

By fax to : Rogers Worldwide (HK) Ltd
Fax: 852-2111 1150 / 52
& Shanghai Rogers Exhibition Services Ltd.
Fax: 86-21-6270 0005

Once shipments have been made by Sea or Air, please advise our Hong Kong & Shanghai offices by fax with the following details. Please fax a copy of the B/L or AWB and each page of your Chinese invoice/packing list. We also need;

Number of packages, volume & weight, date of departure and arrival; and

For Seafreight - Name of vessel, ocean B/L number, (and second carrier details if any).

For Airfreight - Flight number, MAWB number.

Please do not use House AWBs as this will cause difficulties in the tracking shipments and in turn delays in customs clearance. Any shipments sent under House AWBs will incur an additional handling charge for rectification of same. (Please refer Page 13, point C2 of our tariff section)


Deadline for shipping advice:

Seafreight - 7 days prior to arrival of vessel.

Airfreight - 48 hours prior to arrival of flight.

B) Document Distribution - Seafreight

* Exhibits despatched direct to China
Please courier one set of original B/L’s to our office in Shanghai no later than three days before vessel is due to arrive. (A separate original must also be couriered to Rogers Worldwide in Hong Kong).


We do not recommend that you hand carry exhibits into China. However, if you cannot avoid using this method and your samples are detained by customs please hand over the detention receipt and List of Exhibits (duly filled) to Rogers Worldwide’s staff at the fairground and we will arrange the collection of your goods from the airport. Exhibitors arriving late with hand-carried exhibits must be made aware that the Customs formalities and pick up procedures may take one or two days.
Exhibitors may also encounter problems when they hand-carry exhibits out of the exhibition halls since Customs prefer these exhibits to be returned as a shipment.
If Customs at the airport allow exhibitors to take the hand-carried items to the exhibition centre, exhibitors should register the exhibits with the organizer’s Chinese counterpart. Exhibitors with exhibits borrowed from local organizations should also register details of these items with organizer’s Chinese counterpart. Without proper registration, exhibitors will have problems taking their exhibits out of the hall after the show.


The General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that all advertising materials (such as printed matter and giveaway items) and technical information materials in all media shall be allowed for display or use at the exhibition, only after customs has inspected and approved the censorship clearance.
Exhibitors are requested to submit samples of literature (2 copies each) and souvenirs (2 each) in advance to Rogers Worldwide with a List of Exhibits (LOE). All promotional materials will be provided to the Chinese Customs for inspection in advance, and should arrive with Rogers Worldwide no later than 45 days before opening of show.
Films/slides/video tapes/CDs, VCDs, DVDs are not allowed to be distributed or consumed during the show. Importation is permitted strictly for demonstration purposes only and must be (100%) returned to origin after the close of the exhibition. Censorship must be submitted at least 45 days prior the shipments arrival in China and Rogers Worldwide cannot accept responsibility if consignments are detained/delayed due to the absence of a video temporary import license issued by the local authorities.
In addition, exhibitors are advised that brochures, giveaways and souvenirs are subject to import duties as assessed by the Chinese Customs Authorities which are payable on entry. Please note that the import of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and foodstuffs for exhibitions are also restricted by Chinese Customs.
When Taiwan or Hong Kong is mentioned in the promotional materials, exhibitors should avoid using any expression from which one would misinterpret that Taiwan or Hong Kong is in a position equivalent to a country.


Will be subject to a 50% increase against official tariffs and please note that we are unable to arrange return of any hazardous or dangerous cargo!
All kinds of batteries are now considered as dangerous cargo by air and shipping lines in Hong Kong and bookings will not be accepted for batteries unless we are able to provide the carrier with the "material safety data sheet" and recognized laboratory test report from the manufacturer. No guarantee of acceptance of your cargo can be given by the airline/shipping line even if we have furnished them the requisite documentation.
In order to avoid any problems we would strongly suggest that you to remove any batteries contained in your products prior to shipping. Please visit the IATA (International Air Transport Association) website for dangerous cargo regulations for more details.


As the official tariff is computed on a volume/weight basis and has no correlation with the value of exhibits, it follows that the cost of insurance cover is not included in our charges. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to arrange a comprehensive marine insurance policy covering transport to the exhibition, during the exhibition, and the return of exhibits to domicile, including the period the exhibits are handled by us, and also ensure that transport insurance is arranged for any exhibits sold locally.
It is advisable to insure the exhibits through a company of which the People’s Insurance Company of China is the agent in China. Exhibitors should also bring a copy of the insurance policy to China as it will be required in case we need to file a claim for damage/loss on your behalf or arrange a local survey report.


This applies to any single exhibit in excess of 1000 kg and 5.00 cbm, that requires the use of a forklift or mobile crane for installation.
Exhibitors with heavy or oversized exhibits must be on site at least two days before opening to direct the operation of unpacking and positioning. If a mobile crane or forklift is required for installation of equipment, exhibitors should send their handling requirements to us in advance. A detailed layout should also be provided to better assist our on-site operations. If exhibitors with oversized cargo do not arrive on-site in good time and the organiser requests us to unpack and position exhibits unsupervised, we shall handle this operation at the exhibitor’s risk. PLEASE BE SURE TO ARRIVE EARLY!
Cases for heavy exhibits should be constructed where the sides are joined by bolts rather than by nails or screws. This will prevent the case from being damaged during unpacking and will save considerable time, especially during the exhibition breakdown. Please mark the front side of the case clearly to ensure correct positioning and indicate all lifting points, together with the centre of gravity. We will not provide any packing materials for return exhibits, so exhibitors should ensure that they have adequate and appropriate packing materials for repacking at the close of the exhibition.


Exhibitors shall be responsible for the consequences of improper packing.
i. Protection against Damage and Rain
As the exhibits are repeatedly loaded and unloaded during transportation; shocking/bumping will sometimes be inevitable. Exhibits will be placed outdoors many times, including open-air storage at the exhibition centre before and after the exhibition. Therefore, exhibitors must take necessary precautions against damage and rain, since our Chinese partner will not assume any responsibility for the damage, especially when the return exhibits are to be packed with used packing materials (the case as well as aluminium foil, plastic covers etc very often would have been damaged already during unpacking).

ii. The Case The case must be strong enough to avoid damage during transportation as well as unpacking, and in particular, be suitable for epacking, (for sale or return movement after the exhibition). Packing in cartons is not considered suitable for repeated handling, especially for valuable or delicate equipment.
iii. Maximum Dimensions, Weight and Floor-Loading Capacity Due to the restrictions of the exhibition halls, special arrangements are required when the following constraints are exceeded:
Level 1

Width (meter) 2.4 M
Height (meter) 2.7 M
Floor-loading (kg/sq.m.) 300 kgs

Exhibitors shall be responsible for all consequences if they send to the show any exhibits with dimensions and weight that exceed the limits mentioned above.


The following marking must be painted on two opposite sides of each case.

OCEANS ‘16 MTS/IEEE SHANGHAI, 10-13 APRIL 2016, SHICC, SHANGHAI c/o Rogers Worldwide (HK) Ltd

Nett Weight kg Exhibitor
Gross Weight kg Stand No.
Dimensions L x W x H (cms)

Case Number (Cases Must Be Numbered In Sequence)


We will handle the Customs formalities on your behalf, however, on some occasions the presence of exhibitors will be required. As Customs require the official forwarder to be responsible for the control of all exhibits, exhibitors should not allow their exhibits to be taken away from the show ground without the prior agreement of Customs, via Rogers Worldwide.


We will assist you in physical unpacking and installation of exhibits, however exhibitors must supervise and be responsible for these operations. For this purpose, a representative of the company must be available on-site during the move-in period. If exhibitors arrive on-site late, or, instruct us to arrange unpacking or repacking unsupervised on their behalf, we shall handle these operations only at the exhibitors risk.
Similarly, during exhibition closing, exhibitors must also supervise the dismantling and repacking of exhibits, especially for delicate or heavy equipment. When exhibits are repacked with used packing materials, the packing may use no longer suitable to protect the equipment against damage/moisture, compared with the original. Exhibitors must therefore bear the responsibility for any consequences arising therefrom.


All sold exhibits will be repacked at the close of show and removed to a customs bonded warehouse until the necessary domestic customs formalities have been finalised. From the time your exhibits are placed in bonded storage Rogers Worldwide will not be able to assist in the handover protocol of sold commodities. Your buyer will be responsible for the presentation of the necessary documents to customs so that temporary status can be converted to a permanent customs entry.
There are only a small number of Chinese companies that are granted with import/export licences, therefore it is advisable that exhibitors check whether or not their potential buyer is allowed to trade with them directly. If not, the Chinese buyer must use a licensed broker to be his trading agent. Your buyer should already be aware of the import requirements however they may check with the exhibition centre customs to clarify the correct procedures on-site.
* Buyers interest in foreign products.
* Sample testing and technical data study.
* Price acceptable.
* Application of import permit.
* Acceptance of contract terms and approval number.
* Payment and delivery terms.

Exhibitors are encouraged to send their product profile & price list to potential buyers in advance of show date to give the Chinese companies enough lead time to prepare the necessary import paperwork. A three month bonded storage period, pending sale, is the maximum term permitted before customs insist any remaining items are re-exported out of China.


The following documents will be distributed to exhibitors before closing.
* a copy of the List of Exhibits previously submitted to customs;
* a Disposal of Exhibits

We will start to return empty cases to stands on the closing day after all visitors have left, and will assist exhibitors with repacking and undergoing Customs formalities. In order to ensure the closing of the exhibition can proceed smoothly, those exhibitors with heavy and oversized exhibits may be required to repack their exhibits on the next day. Our on-site representative will inform exhibitors of the exact arrangements during the exhibition.

Exhibitors are requested to declare on their List of Exhibits form the following information.

  • sold;
  • to bonded warehouse;
  • to be returned (port of destination/mode of transport)
  • consumed;
  • abandoned.

Please fill out and return the Instructions for Disposal of Exhibits together with the List of Exhibits to us at least 3 hours before closing. If exhibitors fail to give explicit instructions no Customs formalities can be carried out, and their exhibits will be left to Customs disposal, all charges being for the exhibitors’ account.
Please pay special attention to the following Customs’ regulations:

  • declaration of the contents in each package must be correct;
  • items other than those declared exhibits (e.g. personal effects, souvenirs bought in China) are absolutely not allowed to be returned together with exhibits.

Violations of these regulations will result in confiscation and heavy fines imposed by the Chinese Customs.

Please do not leave the exhibition halls before handing over your packed cargo and instructions to our staff. Once these documents have been processed with Customs and the relevant transport departments, changes will not be accepted. The return of all exhibits will be arranged when Customs formalities have been finalised and exhibits handed over to Chinese carriers for re-export. BEWARE, the demand for transport facilities is great and exhibitors should not expect their cargo to physically depart from Chinese Ports within two to three weeks of closing. If an expedited export service is required this must be requested at least one month in advance and full instructions/revised documentation should be sent to us at the same time.


Companies using Rogers Worldwide or its appointed agents will be invoiced by them for all services. Companies shipping other than by our offices or agents are advised that full payment must be received by us as follows:
Inward : Upon uplift of goods, prior to delivery to stand.
Outward : Upon presentation of invoice/prior to return of exhibits to sender.

All payment must be made without any deduction or deferment on account of any claim, counterclaim or off-set, and remitting bank charges are to be borne by the remitter.
Personal or foreign cheques are not acceptable. Payment can be made by Telegraphic Transfer to our account as follows:-


A/C NO. 110-846482-001 (HONG KONG DOLLARS)
A/C NO. 110-846482-838 (U.S. DOLLARS)


All work is undertaken at owners risk and otherwise in accordance with our terms & conditions of trading, (see reverse of front page). Insurance is not included!


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