OCEANS'16 MTS/IEEE Shanghai Advance Technical Program
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Apr 11
Marine Law, Policy, Management, Education 1
"Viewpoint of environmental maintenance, reproduction and creation" along coastal areas by use of a productmeter in university research and training
Chika Suzuki
Research on Quantitative Evaluation Indicator System of Seaport Sustainable Development
Dongni Wang
Coastline investigation and evaluation and Natural Coastline Retention Rate estimation in Tangshan based on Marine Functional Zoning
Qi Yue
Near zero energy Island with sea wave energy. The case study of Pantelleria in Mediterranean sea
Sonar Signal Processing 1
Robust source localization using predictable mode subspace in the presence of interference in uncertain environments
Ying Jiang
A Novel Track Initiation Method For Track Splitting And Merging
Dongdong Li
Two dimensional TV-L1 regularization for underwater acoustic source tracking
Zhixiong Lei
On the sign of the waveguide invariant
Daniel Rouseff
Application of Stochastic Resonance Technology in Underwater Acoustic Weak Signal Detection
Shu-yao JI
Developing new sensing capabilities for archaeological operations using wideband sonar systems
Yan Pailhas
Sounding Data Quality Assessment Method and Result of High-resolution Bathymetric Sidescan Sonar System
Xiaodong Liu
Deep Water Acoustic Calibration Facility: Development of a Platform
Jacques Malan
Vibration and Radiation from Underwater Structure in Shallow Water
Qifan Zhang
Sonar simulator-based underwater object recognition and its tolerance evaluation
Hyeonwoo Cho
Worshop on New Challenges for Ship and Ocean Engineering 1
Marine Renewable Energy 1
A study on the significance of wave premonition to ocean wave energy conversion
Cui Xiao
Improvement of working pattern for thermal underwater glider
Zhesong Ma
Development of a Simulator for a Control of Direct Drive Wave Power Generation System
Byong Jo Hyon
Hydrodynamic Analysis of multi-freedom floater wave energy converter
Shuting Huang
Numerical Simulation for Tidal Current Turbine Siting Metrics of Zhoushan Archipelago
Guizhong Deng
Vehicle Navigation 1
Exploring the DolphinSLAM's Parameters
Amanda Duarte
Dynamic Initial Alignment of the MEMS-based Low-cost SINS for UUV based on Unscented Kalman Filter
Dongyu Yuan
Low-cost MEMS-INS/GNSS Integration Using Quaternion-based Nonlinear Filtering Methods for USV
Guoqing Wang
Alexander Scherbatyuk
An adaptive Multiplicative Extened Kalman Filter for Attitude Estimation of Marine Satellite Tracking Antenna
Mohsen Soltani
Apr 11
1:30 PM
3:10 PM
Imaging and Vision 1
Underwater Image Feature Extraction and Matching Based on Visual Saliency Detection
Lunjuan Zhang
Vision-based Localization and Positioning of an AUV
Bruno Ferreira
Accelerating Fish Detection and Recognition by Sharing CNNs with Objectness Learning
Min Shang
Automated Classification of Zooplankton for A Towed Image System
Xinsheng Yu
Calibration of vision system used on Unmanned Surface Vehicle
Jianhua Wang
Manned and Unmanned Submersibles for Deep Sea Exploration 1
The Research and Development of JIAOLONG Manned Submersible's Samplers and Devices for Deep-sea Detection
Xianpeng Shi
Analysis of manned submersible's sensors for navigation and the possibility for auto drive
Xianpeng Shi
Single Jet Impinging Verticial Motion Analysis of An Underwater Robot in the Vicinity of a Submerged Surface
Sampriti Bhattacharyya
Design and Experiments of a Deep-sea Five-function Electric Manipulator System
Yunlong Fan
Uncertainty behavior research of hybrid underwater glider
Zhi Lei
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 1
Development of an AUV "Xuanwu-1" with Docking Function
Yixing Ying
3D Path Following for under-actuated AUV via Nonlinear Fuzzy Controller
Caoyang Yu
Study of obstacle information processing for unmanned underwater vehicle in unknown ocean environment
Wei Zhang
A bio-inspired swimming robot for marine aquaculture applications: from concept-design to simulation
Guoyuan Li
Adaptive sliding mode heading control for autonomous underwater vehicle including actuator dynamic
Zhenzhong Chu
Student Posters
Investigation of free surface flow in wedge water entry problem using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics method (151209-003)
Guang Chen
Amplitude-based dominant component analysis for underwater mines extraction in side scans sonar (151207-121)
Dr. Cyril RAY
Low Power Magneto-Inductive Communication System for Structural Health Monitoring (151207-115)
Mr. Niaz Ahmed
Wall Following Control of a Robotic Fish using Dynamic Pressure (151207-098)
Mr. Wei-Kuo Yen
Cramér-Rao Bounds of Source Localization with Distributed Sensors in Underwater Multipath Environment (151207-071)
Mr. Taijie Luo
Sequential Filtering Applied to Multi-Beam Echo-Sounding (151207-033)
Kai Huang
Towards LBL Positioning systems for multiple vehicles (151206-038)
Mr. José Melo
Oil and gas in the Ocean- International Environmental law and policy (151204-013)
Time synchronization accuracy refinement for mobile shallow water acoustic sensor network (151204-003)
Mr. Oriol Pallares Valls
Seagull-Designed for Oceanographic Research (151123-003)
Mr. Junjun Cao
A Dataset to Evaluate Underwater Image Restoration Methods (151115-131)
Ms. Amanda Duarte
Saliency Segmentation and Foreground Extraction of Underwater Image based on Localization (151115-084)
Ms. Jing Hao
Embedded Multibeam Sonar Feature Extraction for Online AUV Control (151115-037)
Mr. Torsten Teubler
Image Enhancement and Compression of Deep-Sea Floor Image for Acoustic Transmission (151115-010)
Mr. Jonghyun Ahn
Using Archived Datasets for Missing Data Interpolation in Ocean Remote Sensing Observation Series (151114-037)
Mr. Redouane Lguensat
Wind Speed Extraction from Rain-contaminated X-band Nautical Radar Data (151114-035)
Ms. Yali Wang
Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of a Semi-Submersible Offshore Platform with an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (151113-047)
Mr. Jungwook Han
Experimental Analysis of an Array of Oscillating Water Columns (OWCs) (151207-139)
Mr. David Silver
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Apr 11
Marine Law, Policy, Management, Education 2
Improving maritime technology: A cooperation technology perspective on cooperative artifacts
Yushan Pan
Green Ballast Water Treatment Utilizing Waste Heat Recovery
Yanran Cao
Establishment on HSE Management System of the oceanographic research vessels
Qingwei Zhou
Sonar Signal Processing 2
Active and passive underwater acoustic application using an Unmanned Surface Vehicle
Jiu-cai Jin
Directions of Arrival and Channel Parameters Estimation in Multipath Underwater Environment
Weijie Chen
Capon Cepstrum Weighted l21 Minimization for Wideband DOA Estimation With Sonar Arrays
Wenqiang Zhao
Sparse reconstruction-based underwater source localization using co-prime arrays
M Jehanzeb Irshad
Sonar Detection Performance with LFM-BPSK Combined Waveforms
Shefeng Yan
Ocean Noise and Bioacoustics
Application of Deconvolution to Improve Signal Quality in Processing of Wild Dolphin Signals
Zheguang Zou
Introduction of an advanced census method using fusion of acoustic and visual census of the Ganges river dolphins (Platanista gangetica) inhabiting a long tract of the Ganges river system
Harumi Sugimatsu
Evaluation of spread-spectrum signals in realistic underwater noisy environments
Joaquin Aparicio Sosa
On the Selection of Time Frequency Feature Set to Represent Passive Sonar Data of Tropical Waters
Arnab Das
Validation of Webster Ambient Noise Model for Real Data in Tropical Littoral Water
Suhas Gajre
Worshop on New Challenges for Ship and Ocean Engineering 2
Marine Energy and Environment 1
Investigation of Depressurization with Wellbore Heating Method for Artificial Methane Hydrate Cores
Hiroyuki Oyama
Direct observation of behavior of mud flocs in water flows
Tomoya Ogino
Fundamental study on ecosystem in East China Sea by an integrated model of low and high trophic levels
Yiming Xia
A Numerical Study on a Floating Hemisphere Wave Energy Converter with Hydraulic PTO system
Sung-Jae Kim
Numerical evaluation of marine current turbine: impact on environment and its potential of renewable energy utilization
Junbo Zhang
Vehicle Navigation 2
Attitude Estimation Using Depth Measurement and AHRS Data for Underwater Vehicle Navigation
Nak Yong Ko
Characterization of Measurement Errors in a LBL Positioning System
Nuno Cruz
An Acoustic Positioning of Underwater Vehicles using Synthetic Long Baseline Navigation
Yongqing Wu
Man Portable Acoustic Navigation Buoys
Nuno Cruz
The Application of AUV Navigation Based on Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter
Xinhui Shao
Apr 11
3:40 PM
5:20 PM
Imaging and Vision 2
Automatic segmentation of Chaetoceros microscopic images via pixel-wise classification
Ning Tang
Color restoration method for underwater objects based on multispectral images
Yilu Guo
Combining background subtraction and three-frame difference to detect moving object from underwater video
Hongkun Liu
Underwater Image Enhancement via Dark Channel Prior and Luminance Adjustment
Zhixiong Yang
Shallow Coral Reef Surveying by Inexpensive Drifters
Ioannis Rekleitis
Manned and Unmanned Submersibles for Deep Sea Exploration 2
Positioning Sonar of JiaoLong Human Occupied Vehicle: Basic Principle and Sea Trial
Tongwei Zhang
On the design standard for the full ocean depth manned cabin fabricated in nickel maraging steel
Qinghai Du
An Interactive Interface for Multi-Pilot ROV Intervention
Andrew Stewart
Visual-based Deep Sea Docking Simulation of Underwater Vehicle Using Dual-eyes Camera with Lighting Adaptation
Manufacture and properties of syntactic foam for 11000 meters deep-sea
Xiaojie Liang
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 2
Nonlinear Observer Design for Current Estimation based on Underwater Vehicle Dynamic Model
Shuangshuang Fan
The Method of Formation of AUV Smooth Trajectory in Unknown Environment
Vladimir Filaretov
Underwater Vehicle Manipulator Systems: Control Methodologies for Inspection and Maintenance Tasks
Enrico Simetti
Investigation of thrust and load characteristics of AUV propeller under the Condition of Different Angle Incoming Flow
Lingwei Meng
Double-loop Chattering-free Adaptive Integral Sliding Mode Control for Underwater Vehicles
Lei Qiao
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Apr 12
Coastal Radars 1
Coherent Marine Radar Measurements of Ocean Wave Frequency Spectra and Near Surface Currents
Dennis Trizna
A new multi-frequency HF radar based on small circular antenna array for sea surface current measurement
Chen Zhao
Maritime Surveillance Using Multi-Frequency HFSWR
Chao He
An Investigation of Impropriety and Noncircularity in High Frequency Radar Data
Weimin Huang
Fast Gap Filling of the coastal ocean surface current in the seas around Taiwan
Jain-Wu Lai
Sonar Signal Processing 3
K-distribution Reverberation and Reliable Statistical Approach Study of Sonar Data
Chi Zhang
Performance Analysis of FMT-OFDM system in the Underwater Channel Environment
Min Sang Kim
Broadband Correlation Detector Based on Normal Mode Extraction
Xuan Shao
Underwater moving source detection based on bearing estimation variance
Shaohua Chen
Neither PAS nor CAS: MIMO.
Yan Pailhas
Sound Propagation and Scattering 1
Bistatic bottom reverberation in deep ocean: modeling and data comparison
Liya Xu
Forward scattered waveform simulation and analysis of a submerged coated spherical shell
Hui Li
Acoustic Communication Channel Model in the Under-Ice Environment
Aijun Song
Measurement of the echo reduction for passive materials based on inverse filtering technique
Jianlong Li
An edge-based smoothed finite element method for two-dimensional underwater acoustic scattering problems
Qifan Zhang
Search and Rescue at Sea 1
The Ongoing Search for MH370
Paul Kennedy
Marine Energy and Environment 2
Effect of a tidal front on material transport in Gamak Bay, Korea
Byeong-Kuk Kim
Environmental awareness about coastal area and behaviors of regional fish-eating
Kana Kuroda
Evaluation of sediment capping using zeolite, montmorillonite, and steel slag to immobilize heavy metals
Bon-Wun Gu
OTEC thermal dispersion in coastal waters of Tarawa, Kiribati
Jongkyu Kim
Two-Dimensional Particle Based Simulation of Tsunami-like Wave Run-up
Se-Min Jeong
Vehicle Design 1
Experimental Study on the CPT System for the Underwater Helicopter
Wang Xiaoding
A Computer Simulation Model for Design of Variable Buoyancy System for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles/Gliders
B.K. Tiwari
The Structure Optimization of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Wedge-ring Joint Based On the Response Surface Method
Haitao Gu
Research and Design of Semi-physical Motion Simulation System of Buoyancy-driven Underwater Glider
Hua Yang
Development of a Hydraulic Buoyance Adjustment Module for Underwater Robots
Changlin Kang
Apr 12
8:20 AM
10:00 AM
Imaging and Vision 3
Improvement on Vision Guidance in AUV Docking
Guanyu Wang
Interactive Vision-based Intelligent System for Active Macfouling and Microfouling Detection on Hull
Cheng Chin
Optimal Selection of Underwater Multispectral Images for Accurate Compensation of Water Attenuation
Yao Chen
Multi Features Combination for Automated Zooplankton Classification
Ruchen Wang
Underwater 3D Object Reconstruction in Video Stream with Multiple Views via Structure from Motion
Rui Nian
Systems and Observatories 1
A vessel towed platform for deepwater high resolution benthic imaging
Andreas Marouchos
Development of an Autonomous Surface Station for Underwater Passive Acoustic Observation of Marine Mammals
Masakazu Arima
Underwater Acoustic Networks Testbed for Ecological Monitoring of Qinghai Lake
Xiujuan Du
Numerical Simulation on the Deploying and Recovering Process for a node of Underwater Wireless Sensor Network
Wenke Ge
A communication bridge between underwater sensors and Unmanned Vehicles using a surface Wireless Sensor Network -- design and validation
Artur Zolich
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 3
The MEDUSA Class of Autonomous Marine Vehicles and their Role in EU Projects
António Pascoal
The PANDORA project: a success story in AUV autonomy
Francesco Maurelli
Weak thruster fault predictive method for autonomous underwater vehicle
Yujia WANG
A Realistic Framework for Collaborative Control of Multiple AUV System with Primary Experimental Results
Dapeng Jiang
ISME Research Trends: Marine Robotics for Emergencies at Sea
Giuseppe Casalino
3A 3C 3D 3E 3G 5I   5J 5F 5H
Apr 12
Coastal Radars 2
HF Radar for Port Management: Case study in the Port of Rotterdam
Malcolm Heron
An Improved Method to Estimate the Doppler Spectrum Centroid of Microwave Radar
Xi Chen
The Australian Coastal Ocean Radar Network: Temporal and spatial scales of HF radar wave data
Andrew Middleditch
Wind Sea and Swell Measurements Using S-band Doppler Radar
Longgang Zhang
Breaking wave shape analysis method based on EMD
Sheng Yi
Sonar Signal Processing 4
Passive acoustic source depth discrimination with two hydrophones in shallow water
Hao Cui
Label field initialization for MRF-based sonar image segmentation by selective autoencoding
Sanming Song
Detection and tracking of an underwater target using the combination of a particle filter and track-before-detect
Cun Jing
Performance Analysis of Capon Matched-field Algorithm in Spatially Correlated Noise Field
Zhuan Xiao
Sound Propagation and Scattering 2
Transient sound excited by cylindrical shell transducer in shallow ocean
Liguo Tang
Wideband Modeling of the Acoustic Water Pipe Channel
Liwen JING
Permeability and temperature dependent acoustic properties of Seafloor sediment
Dapeng Zou
Scattering Phase Analysis of Dual-frequency Plane Wave by Rigid and Elastic Spheres
Shefeng Yan
Search and Rescue at Sea 2
Evaluation of Environmental Data For Search and Rescue
Hugh Roarty
Drifting Trajectory Analysis of Debris from MH370 in the Southern Indian Ocean
Multiple robot operations for maritime search and rescue in euRathlon 2015 competition
Alfredo Martins
A Debris Backwards Flow Simulation System for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Mike Eichhorn
Use of multi-domain robots in search and rescue operations - contributions of the ICARUS team to the euRathlon 2015 challenge
Mario Marques
Marine Energy and Environment 3
Measurement of water current field created by paddle wheel aerators in shrimp culture pond
Daisuke Kitazawa
Environmental risk assessment on coastal ecosystem owing to the stranded oil
Minae Takahashi
Study of Subsea Type Gas Production System for Methane Hydrate under the Seabed by Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Model
Ryosuke KOIKE
Development of Filtration Methodology for Suspended Particulate in Seawater
Design and development for Information System of China Marine Renewable Energy Resource
He Wu
Vehicle Design 2
Reliability Allocation for the mechanical system of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Haitao Gu
A concept design of small ocean vehicle with flap-foils to harvest wave energy
Jiangbin Zhao
Research on Realization Mechanisms of Multifunctional Hybrid Glider
Baoqiang Tian
Design of a new high speed underwater glider and motion control
Sang-Ki Jeong
A Modular Miniature Underwater Robot Design Scheme for Swarm Operations
Qingyong Jia
Apr 12
10:30 AM
12:10 PM
Imaging and Vision 4
Underwater Image Sharpness Assessment Based on Selective Attenuation of Color in the Water
Zongying Li
Phytoplankton Feature Extraction from Microscopic Images based on SURF-PCA
Lin Chang
Visual Speed Adaptation for Improved Sensor Coverage in a Multi-Vehicle Survey Mission
Arturo Gomez Chavez
Full 3D Navigation Correction using Low Frequency Visual Tracking with a Stereo Camera
Tomasz Luczynski
Feature analysis of phytoplankton pigments in Qinghai Lake
Tongji Li
Systems and Observatories 2
A Comparison of Seafloor Network Topologies
Scott Williams
Preliminary study of underwater object detection using direct-current (DC) resistivity method
Hyun-Key Jung
Evaluation of Shipboard Wave Estimation Techniques through Model-scale Experiments
Ulrik Nielsen
Fiber optic ocean bottom seismograph
Wentao Zhang
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 4
Fuzzy Controller used Smoothing Function for Depth Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Yue Wang
Relative Analysis of Controller Effectiveness for Vertical Plane Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Santhakumar Mohan
Diving Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle using Nonlinear H_infinity Measurement Feedback Technique
Raja Rout
Variable Universe Based Fuzzy Control System Design for AUV
Jianyong Wu
Backstepping Sliding Mode control based Guidance Law Design with Impact Angle
Xiaojian Zhang
3A 3C 3D 3E 3G 5I   5J 5F 5H
Apr 12
E-M Sensing and Communication
Oceanic Propagation Measurement in the Northern Part of the South China Sea
Qi Zhang
Antenna design for underwater radio communications
Mário Pereira
Underwater Intelligent Wireless Inductive Charging System
Bowen Wu
BLUECOM+: Cost-effective Broadband Communications at Remote Ocean Areas
Rui Campos
Simulation and Experimental Evaluation of a Resonant Magnetic Wireless Power Transfer System for Seawater Operation
Luís Pessoa
Sonar Signal Processing 5
Pseudo-Noise Based Time of Arrival Estimation for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Localization
yahong Zheng
Multipath-based Passive Source Range Localization with a Single Hydrophone in Deep Ocean
Hui Li
Array Gain of an Eigenvalue Beamformer in a Continental Slope Waveguide
Lei Xie
Error Tolerant Dual-Hydrophone Localization in Underwater Sensor Networks
Naigao Jin
Azimuth Ambiguity in Redundant Sampled Stripmap SAS Imaging
Ziliang Qiao
Model-Based Signal Processing Techniques
Ocean Acoustic Tomography Using Travel-time Sensitivity Kernel
Ying Huang
Analysis of Effective Signal Design for Active Sensing of Undersea Objects/Bottoms in Tropical Littoral Waters
Arnab Das
A Broadband Geoacoustic Inversion Scheme in Shallow Water
Xiaole Guo
Performance of Robust Matched-Field Processing with Convex Optimization
Kai Zhang
Improving Robustness of Passive Source Localization via Convex Optimization Based Mode Filtering
Lu Huang
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication 1
Space-time cluster combining for UWA communications
Jianghui Li
Direct-Adaption Based Bidirectional Turbo Equalization for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Underwater Acoustic Communications
Junyi Xi
Mobile Data Collection Paths for Node Cooperative Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Yougan Chen
Design of orthogonal code for covert underwater acoustic communication
Eun-Hye Jeon
Joint Error Control and Time Synchronization Protocol for Mobile Underwater Acoustic Networks
Mingsheng Gao
Marine Renewable Energy 2
Effect of Shear Flow on a Marine Current Turbine
Yiqing XIA
Assessment of wave energy resource of the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea and East China Sea based on 10-year numerical hindcast data
Bo Jiang
A Control algorithm of Direct Drive Type Wave Power Generation System
Jun-Hyuk Choi
Comparison of Two Electromagnetic Couplers in an Inductive Power Transfer System for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Docking Application
Haibing Wen
Research on Hydrodynamic Performance of Modular Offshore Wave Energy Platform
Liang Luo
Vehicle Design 3
Design and Development of an Inexpensive Aquatic Swarm Robotics System
Vasco Costa
A new concept spherical underwater robot propelled by thrust vector synthetic jet actuator
Dongdong Li
Coupling Design and Performance Analysis of Rim-driven Integrated Motor Propulsor
Experimental and numerical study on subsea swimming gait for a shoal crab robot
Xi Chen
Meshing impact on numerical simulation of marine systems performance
Lihong Wu
Apr 12
1:30 PM
3:10 PM
Optical Sensing
A method to size submicron microbes in aquatic systems
Ran Liao
Design of Laster Optical Plankton Detecting System for Oceanic Fisheries
Yongjie Pan
Investigation of Positioning of FBG Sensors for Smart Monitoring of Oil and Gas Subsea Structures
John Watson
Detection of water quality multi-parameters in seawater based on UV-Vis spectrometry
Yingtian Hu
High-spectral-resolution lidar for ocean biological carbon pump studies
Dong Liu
Integrated Marine Science, Technology and Information 1
Monitoring the Gulf Stream and shelf environment in the South Atlantic Bight through integrated autonomous underwater glider observations and data assimilative ocean model predictions
Ruoying He
Sampling Optimization for Networked Underwater Gliders
Shijie Liu
Distributed Motion Tomography for Time-Varying Flow Fields
Fumin Zhang
Development of Standards for Underwater Distributed Architectures
Dallas Meggitt
Thermocline Tracking Using a Portable Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Based on Adaptive Threshold
Yiping Li
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 5
Development of a NARMAX based Constraint-Adaptive Heading Controller for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Raja Rout
Optimal Design of Consensus for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles with Damping Term Using a Directed Spanning Tree
Jiajia Zhou
Path Planning for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Docking in Stationary Obstacle Environment
Chenzhan Liu
Redundancy Analysis and Motion Control Using ZMP Equation for Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems
Ngoc-Duc Nguyen
The research on sea-bottom terrain tracking by AUV based on Least Squares Method and Extended Kalman Filter
Qingyong Jia
3A 3C 3D 3E 3G 5I   5J 5F 5H
Apr 12
Data and Information Management
Instrumentation and Data Management for Geoacoustic Characterization of Shallow Water sediments
Cyril Ray
Automatic matching of marine sample types in marine survey
Mingtao Liu
Enabling Sustainable Access to Marine Knowledge: Collection and Integration of Marine Geochemical Data
Xiaohong Wang
Analysis and Modelling of Sensor Data for Ship Motion Prediction
Guoyuan Li
Methodology for AIS Signature Identification through Magnitude and Temporal Characterization
Cyril Ray
Sonar Signal Processing 6
Modeling and Prediction of Large-Scale Temporal Variation in Underwater Acoustic Channels
Zhaohui Wang
Acoustic Array Single Snapshot Beamforming via Compressed Sensing
Wei Qiu
The Analysis of Coherence Bandwidth and Coherence Time for Underwater Channel Environments Using Experimental Data in the West Sea, Korea
Min Sang Kim
Gabor Wigner Transform Based on Fractional Fourier Transform for Low Signal to Noise Ratio Signal Detection
A modified topological descriptor for forward looking sonar images
Amanda Duarte
Comparison at Sea for CZT1-2 Towed Multiple-parameter Profiling Systems
Chaoying Shi
Experiment and response analysis of marine monostatic EM instrument toward mapping seafloor sulfide massive deposit
Seong Kon LEE
Combining Support Vector Machine with Hydrological Model to Research the Impact of Hydrological Environment Change
Junyu Dong
Methodology for Optimal Wind Vane Design
Hugo Kerhascoet
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication 2
A semi-blind joint channel estimation and equalization of single carrier coherent Underwater Acoustic communication receiver
Cai Jingjing
A New Method for Frame Synchronization in Acoustic Communication
Zheng Guo
Implementation and Evaluation of the Time reversalOFDM Underwater Acoustic Speech Communication System
Multiuser Underwater Acoustic Communications Using Cyclic Shift Keying
Chengbing He
A Novel Mobility Aware Medium Access Control Protocol for Underwater Sensor Networks
Baoru Gao
Marine Renewable Energy 3
Gulf Stream marine hydrokinetic energy resource characterization off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
Ruoying He
Dynamic Buoy Effects on a Sliding Wave Energy Converter with eSpring Control
Donald DelBalzo
Research on the Hydraulic Power Take-off Unit of a Hybrid Wave Energy Converter
Ke Sun
The effect of tidal stream characteristic and mechanical support structure on horizontal axis tidal turbine performance
Erhu Hou
Using the Technology Readiness Levels to Support Technology Management in the Special Funding Programme of Marine Renewable Energy
Underwater Robots
Robocademy - A European Training Network for Underwater Robotics
Bilal Wehbe
A newly developed hybrid underwater robotic vehicle (HURV): communication design and tests
Xianbo Xiang
The Widely scalable Mobile Underwater Sonar Technology (WiMUST) H2020 project: first year status
Antonio Pascoal
Virtual submerged floating operational system: manipulator coupled with 6DOF motion platform
Zheng Jiang
Coordinated control of multiple underacutated marine surface vehicles along one parameterized path
Lu Liu
Apr 12
3:40 PM
5:20 PM
Holography and 3D Imaging
Image Processing For Digital Holograms of Marine Particles and Organisms
Zonghua Liu
Measurement of Suspended Particle and Plankton with a Digital In-line Holographic System
Yanyan Wang
The development of holographic approach to measure subsea release of oil and gas, a study focused on droplet size and distributions
Wei Zhang
Information extraction from digital holograms of particles
Victor Dyomin
Integrated Marine Science, Technology and Information 2
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Sensors Powered by Ocean Thermal Energy
Yi Chao
Localization of Underwater Gliders with Acoustic Travel-Time in an Observation Network
Jiancheng Yu
Research on characteristics of contactless power transmission device for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Zhengchao Yan
Sparsity-Based Approach for Ocean Acoustic Tomography Using Learned Dictionaries
Tongchen Wang
A forward-backward PHD Smoother for Tracking Multiple AUVs
Shangzhuo Zhang
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 6
Comparison of some algorithms for centralized planning of AUV group operation for local heterogeneities survey
Alexander Scherbatyuk
The Development of a MOOS-IvP-Based Control System for a Small Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Qingyong Jia
Testbed for Development of Networked Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Torsten Teubler
Formation Control of a Group of AUVs Using Adaptive High Order Sliding Mode Method
Xin Li
Coordinate Control of Multi-AUVs formation under Double Independent Position and Velocity Topologies with Time-varying Delay
Jiajia Zhou
3A 3C 3D 3E 3G 5I   5J 5F 5H
Apr 13
Disaster Prevention and Damage Reduction
Stratified Coastal Ocean Processes in Hurricanes and Typhoons Enhance Ahead-of-Eye Cooling and Reduce Storm Intensity
Scott Glenn
Probability Analysis of Storm Surge Intensity and Magnitude in China
Liang Pang
Flooding Disaster Oriented USV & UAV System Development & Demonstration
Jimin Zhang
Unmanned Surface Vessel for Monitoring and Recovering of Spilled Oil on Water
Jianhua Wang
Numerical Analysis of the Leaking Pipe Vibration: Applications in the Oil Spill Problem
Wei Zhang
Array Signal Processing and Array Design 1
On Conventional Beamforming and Deconvolution
Tsih Yang
Study of Robust and High-gain Beamforming Based on Diagonal Reducing
Huijun Xia
Maximally Sparsen Arrays via Continuous Compressive Sensing
Jincheng Lin
Direction of Arrival Estimation With Co-prime Arrays Via Compressed Sensing Methods
Tianyi Jia
An online calibration method for superdirective arrays with unknown gain-phase errors
Min Wang
Numerical Modeling and Simulation 1
MARS: A Simulation Environment for Marine Swarm Robotics and Environmental Monitoring
Erik Maehle
Study on harbor berthing based on numerical simulation of Boussinesq wave
Yanan Wu
Simulation and EOF analysis of ocean circulation in the Gulf of Thailand
Sirod Sirisup
Research on the modeling and simulation technology of Underwater Vehicle
Kaizhou Liu
Numerical Study for Sediment Concentration at Yellow River Mouth
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication 3
Design of an Address Assignment and Resolution Protocol for Underwater Networks
Mandar Chitre
Implementation of a Multi-modal Acoustic-Optic Underwater Network Protocol Stack
Roee Diamant
Grid Optimization Based Methods for Estimating and Tracking Doubly Spread Underwater Acoustic Channels
Shefeng Yan
Sliding window adaptive filter with diagonal loading for estimation of sparse UWA channels
Jianghui Li
A Time-Reversal Based Digital Cancelation Scheme for In-Band Full-Duplex Underwater Acoustic Systems
Jing Tian
Marine Renewable Energy 4
Reviews of development and utilization of tidal energy over Chinese offshore
Qingwei Zhou
The Mathematical Modeling of a Novel Anchor Based on Vortex Induced Vibration
Xinyu An
Development of a Floating Kuroshio Turbine Equipped with a Foil Float - Deployment and Recovery Simulation
Forng-Chen Chiu
Renewable energy sources to fulfill the global energy needs of a country: the case study of Malta in Mediterranean sea
Hydrodynamic researches of a novel floating type pendulum wave energy converter based on simulations and experiments
DaHai Zhang
Automatic Control
Tatiana Ezangina
Evaluation of OiW Measurement Technologies for Deoiling Hydrocyclone Efficiency Estimation and Control
Petar Durdevic
Application of Swarm Robotic Systems to Marine Environmental Monitoring
Vasco Costa
Diving Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Based on Cascade Control and Tracking Differentiator
Zhibin Jiang
Fuzzy Impedance and Sliding Mode Bilateral Control in Underwater Ratio Teleoperation Based on Observer
Jianjun Zhang
Apr 13
8:20 AM
10:00 AM
Optical Communication 1
A Design of Underwater Laser Communication System Based on PPM modulating method
Jingpeng Liu
Polarized Digital Pulse Interval Modulation for Underwater Wireless Optical Communications
Xuelong Mi
Single Scattering Impulse Response Modeling of Underwater Wireless Optical Channels
Yiqing Zhou
On BER Performance of Underwater Wireless Optical MISO Links under Weak Turbulence
Jinxing Liu
Wireless Optical Data Transfer in Underwater Systems
Rabia Qadar
Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 1
How does one develop a new sensor?
Albert Williams
Design of a Marine Electric Field Acquisition System with Electrode Range Automatic Compensation
Hengliang Wang
Accurate pH Measurement and Determination in Deep-sea Environments by an in-situ pH Sensor Calibration Device
Chunyang Tan
Application of Wave Drifter to Marine Environment Observation
Mingbing Li
Research on the development of operational ocean observing equipment (OOOE) in China
Yi Wang
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 7
Energy-Constrained Routing for AUVs
Nikolaos Tsiogkas
Task Space Position Tracking Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle with Four Tilting Thrusters
Santhakumar Mohan
Adaptive Backstepping Variable Structure Control for Incomplete-encapsulated Supercavitating Vehicles
Yang Li
Optimal Path Planning of Underwater Glider in 3D Dubins Motion with Minimal Energy Consumption
Junliang Cao
Multi-objective Optimization for AUV Conceptual Design Based on NSGA-II
Caiyun Liu
3A 3C 3D 3E 3G 5I   5J 5F 5H
Apr 13
Bootstrapped ANN for forecasting seawater chlorophyll-a around the north Pacific Rim
Yi Wang
Impact of Brominated Flame Retardants on Embryo Development of Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua) during Early Life Stages
Yanran Cao
Modeling the Dispersion of Tracers in the Marine Environment: A Model Sensitivity Study
Haibo Niu
Research on and Application of Deep-sea Environmental Radioactivity Online Monitoring Technology
Hongzhi Li
Array Signal Processing and Array Design 2
Gain Analysis for Vertical Linear Array in Deep Ocean
Huijun Xia
A Direction of Arrival Estimation Algorithm Designed under the Maximum Power Collection Criterion
Lu Wang
Research on flexible linear array sensor position calibration with cooperative sound source
Jian Li
Sensor Uncertainty Analysis of MIMO Sonar
Chengcai Lv
Acoustic Coupling in Linear Arrays
Marco Meijer
Numerical Modeling and Simulation 2
Support Vector Machine Based Classification of Seafloor Rock Types Measured Underwater using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Mallikarjun Yelameli
Fading Characteristics of Ship-to-Shore Propagation Channel at 5.2 GHz
Wei Wang
A Numerical Simulation of Oil Spill in Jiaozhou Bay
Cheng Li
Towards a virtual prototyping framework for ship maneuvering in offshore operations
Guoyuan Li
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication 4
A TDMA-based MAC Protocol Exploiting the Near-Far Effect in Underwater Acoustic Networks
Roee Diamant
LTM-MAC: a Location-based TDMA MAC Protocol for Mobile Underwater Networks
Jia Mao
Blind channel estimation combined with matched field processing in underwater acoustic channel
Wei Feng
Clock Synchronization and Ranging Estimation for Control and Cooperation of Multiple UUVs
Daniele Spaccini
A Self-Adaptive Protocol Stack for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Daniele Spaccini
Marine Renewable Energy 5
An assessment of the ocean thermal energy resource in the South China Sea
Song Zhang
Research on the correction method to the projected capture area of horizontal axis tidal energy converters
Hainan Xia
Experimental research on the power output of three-degree point-absorbing wave energy converter
Zhiguo Qu
A Study of the Prerequisite for China's Marine energy Industrialization
Evaluation Method based on Flux Conservation and its Application to Tidal Range Energy Resources
He Wu
Dynamic Positioning
A modular designed dynamic positioning experiment system and its application on a ship model
Jian Wang
Consistent target tracking via multiple underwater cameras
Lunjuan Zhang
A probabilistic underwater hyperbolic location system in low depth environment
Florian Beaubois
Received Signal Strength-Based Underwater Acoustic Localization Considering Stratification Effect
Bing Zhang
Optimizing electric energy production on-board offshore vessels
Ottar Osen
Apr 13
10:30 AM
12:10 PM
Optical Communication 2
Comparison on Zernike coefficients of wavefront aberration in laser beam propagating over heated saline water and sands
Tengjun Liu
On Received Intensity for Misaligned Underwater Wireless Optical Links
Jinxing Liu
On Capacity of Underwater Optical Wireless Links under Weak Oceanic Turbulence
Jinxing Liu
On Impulse Response of Underwater Optical Wireless MISO Links with a UCA of Sources
Jinxing Liu
Design of Underwater Optical Communication System
Duanqiang Wen
Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 2
A profiling acoustic and optical system (pAOS) for pelagic studies; prototype development and testing
Andreas Marouchos
A Long-term Temperature and Depth Logger for Ocean Mooring System
Xiaoyang Xu
MarinEye - A tool for marine monitoring
Alfredo Martins
Underwater sensing coupled CT sensor based on current self complementary energy
Biwei Hu
A Method of Turbulence Measurements from a Moored Reciprocating Vertical Profiler based on Buoyancy-driven
Hua Yang
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 8
Path Following for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Using GP-LOS
Xiao Yang
Straight line path following of unmanned surface vehicle under flow disturbance
Jing Zhu
Efficient Path Following Algorithms for the C-Enduro USV
Hanlin Niu
A Path Planning Strategy for Data Acquisition Task using Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Longjie Jiang
Marco Trapanese
3A 3C 3D 3E 3G 5I   5J 5F 5H
Apr 13
Sonar Imaging 1
Underwater high-resolution range-dimension imaging using comb spectrum signal
Xionghou LIU
Side-scan Sonar Image Registration Based on Modified Phase Correlation for AUV Navigation
Yan Song
Underwater Acoustic Image Compressive Sensing Algorithm Research Based on Bandelets Transform
Dense Multiple-target Tracking Based on Dual Frequency Identification Sonar (DIDSON) Image
Danxiang Jing
Numerical Modeling and Simulation 3
Retrieval of Ionospheric TEC over Oceans From GNSS-R Delay-Doppler Map
Qingyun Yan
Dynamic Behaviors of Seabed Soils Induced by Different Kinds of Waves
Xiaowen Wang
Suspended sediment simulation and water purification scheme research of turbid archipelago
Luying Liu
Impact of Large-Scale Reclamation on Hydro-sediment Dynamics in the Open Shallow Seas
Yaqian Yao
Evaluation of the Wave Energy density on the Sicilian coast
Marco Trapanese
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication 5
Old And New Concepts In Undersea Networks
Dale Green
Experimental Evaluation of Turbo Receivers in Single-Input Single-Output (SISO) Underwater Acoustic Channels
Yahong Zheng
Transmission Power Allocation for Underwater Acoustic Multicarrier-CDMA Communication Networks Based on Genetic Algorithm
Yizhi Feng
Power Control for Underwater Acoustic MC-CDMA Communication Networks Using the Improved PSO Algorithm
Yizhi Feng
Turbo Equalization Based on Factor Graphs for Underwater Acoustic Communication Systems
Haixin Sun
Cables, Connectors, and Ropes
Automated Cable-Laying System: Contribution to DONET2 Installation
Jin-Kyu Choi
Synthetic lines for marine and other applications: Rope Design, Selection and Best Practice
Chiate Chou
Research on Marine Riser in Different Installations Stages of Subsea Production Tree
Yongli Hu
Performance Fibers for Deep Water Offshore Mooring Ropes: evaluation and Analysis
Milton Bastos
Vehicle Performance 1
Data Integration and Visualisation for Demanding Marine Operations
Hao Wang
Towards Data-driven Identification and Analysis of Propeller Ventilation
Hao Wang
Hydrodynamic Analysis of a SWATH Planing USV Based on CFD
Chao Wang
Hydrodynamic and vertical motion analysis of an underwater glider
Lei Yang
Influence of the Propeller on Motion Performance of HUGs
Yanpeng Yang
Apr 13
1:30 PM
3:10 PM
Classification and Pattern Recognition
Seafloor Characterization by Bathymetric Image Segmentation
Cyril RAY
Automated Species Counting using a Hierarchical Classification Approach with Haar Cascades and Multi-Descriptor Random Forests
Arturo Gomez Chavez
Automatic searching of fish from underwater images via shape matching
Ruchen Wang
ZooplanktoNet: Deep Convolutional Network for Zooplankton Classification
Jialun Dai
Automatic object detection and segmentation from underwater images via saliency-based region merging
Lin Chang
Current Measurement Technology
Wave and Tide Inversion Algorithm Based on GNSS Technology
Chaoqun Dang
An Optimization Design Scheme for Multiple PRT and Multi-frequency Coherent Doppler Velometry
Hongwei Si
Development of a Deep-Sea Multi-mode Acoustic Sediments in Situ Measurement System
Jiuyi Yuan
Estimation and Forecast of Depth-Averaged Ocean Current Using Underwater Gliders
Zhou Yaojian
A Current Meter Used for the Estimation of Water Flow Rate in Upwelling Pipe
Chicheng Xu
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 9
Water-jet Propelled Autonomous Surface Vehicle UCAP: System Description and Control
Bruno Ferreira
A Bio-inspired Geomagnetic Navigation Model based on Search Behaviour Constraint under Anomalies Field Disturbing for AUV
Kun Liu
The Integrated Navigation System of AUV "XUANWU"
Guihui Chen
AUV-Aided Communication Method for Underwater Mobile Sensor Network
Hongmei Guo
Research on the Fault Diagnosis Methods for UUV Utilize Multi-sensor Information Fusion Technology
Tianyi Wang
3A 3C 3D 3E 3G 5I   5J 5F 5H
Apr 13
Sonar Imaging 2
Seafloor Visual Saliency Evaluation for Navigation with BoW and DBSCAN
Rui Nian
Research on plane wave decomposition with transverse oscillations for sonar imaging
Chen Wang
Underwater Object Detection with Efficient Shadow-Removal for Side Scan Sonar Images
Rui Nian
Acoustic Telemetry and Communication 6
Multi-flow Scheduling in Multi-hop Underwater Acoustic Networks
Zhaohui Wang
Generalized sidelobe canceller over doubly spread and multiple access acoustic channels
Zibin Yu
Design and implementation of bidirectional OFDM modem prototype for high-speed underwater acoustic communication systems
Sung-Joon Park
Performance Metrics for Low Probability of Detection in Cooperative Communication Networks
Rosa Zheng
Underwater Acoustic Communication Based on Virtual Time Reversal and Sweep-Spread Carrier
Offshore Structures and Moorings
Interface wave propagating in composite pipe: a 3-D simulation study
Li Bing
A study on Waterproof Case of Schmidt Hammer for Measurement of Underwater Concrete Structures
Research on Characteristics of side-by-side Supply Mooring System
Renchao Ji
Research on Mooring System under Typhoon State
Ting Huang
The frequency domain analysis of a novel extended tension leg platform
Vehicle Performance 2
Development of Control Systems for Implementation of Manipulative Operations in Hovering Mode of Underwater Vehicle
Vladimir Filaretov
Impact of folding propeller spinning position for the transit efficiency of a hybrid-driven underwater glider
Zhier Chen
Dynamic behaviors of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Considering Lateral Flow
Yuhong Liu
Summary of AUV Yumeiruka Sea Trial Results
Frank Fan
The Efficiently Propulsive Performance Of Flapping Foils With A Modified Shape
Junnan Meng
Apr 13
3:40 PM
5:20 PM
3A 3C 3D 3E 3G 5I   5J 5F 5H